Black Catholics
National Sing Out


The idea of the United States of America yearns for a more perfect union.

This yearning creates movements, political camps and parties; sparks Religious Freedom and Freedom of Speech.

The sights and sounds of divisions at every turn remind all that all things are possible,
with God.

On January 15th many divisions will arrive at the church.
  • A New Year of the Lord
  • The end of the Christmas Season marked with the Epiphany
  • The liturgical celebration of the beginning of the public ministry of Jesus
    after Baptism
  • The National Holiday of the Birth of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The Commemoration of the Civil Rights Movement in American History
  • The ending of the Obama Administration
  • The beginning of the Trump Administration
  • The conclusion of the American Church’s week long celebration of migration.
The moments, markers and reminders each speak to the ongoing work of healing divisions left from the past in hope of the ideal more perfect union:
… More than we can imagine and have for self.
… More that requires union with others.
As church, we first speak to our common Creator when seeking union with one another, hoping to elevate the quest to communion with God.
January 15th is a good Sunday to let heaven and earth sing out…


Let the cry come from and unite Catholics all over this land.

Let it be joined by whosoever will, so that the circle can be unbroken
by the will of the Creator of the universal circle.

In this way, the work begins with the familiar, and extends to the other,
unceasingly, until there is victory and liberty for all.  Thanks Be to God!

Submitted to Father David Jones from Sr. Jamie T. Phelps, OP
as requested 12-18-2016

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