Hush Harbor for Preachers

​HUSH HARBOR for Preachers
June 14-15, 2022

Purpose: A gathering for preachers in the Black Catholic Community – priests, deacons, evangelists, and teachers – to discuss the basic elements of effective preaching in the Black Catholic Community. Participants will explore the basic elements of effective preaching that flows from the depths of good scriptural foundation, contemplative reflection and creative ingenuity from the heart of the preacher to the heart of the believer.

Who: Preachers, pastors, pastoral ministers and teachers from around the country involved/invested in the pedagogy of worship, liturgy and evangelization of Black Catholics are invited to come to investigate the fundamentals of preaching that GET IT, GIVE IT AND QUIT IT.

Why: Responding to request of Lyke Conference participants, the Joint Conference of Black Catholic Religious and those struggling in the pews, this gathering serves as the sacred space to explore elements of solid preaching that inspires the preacher and the hearer, to combine the religious tradition with message of hope for the believer, and to help the preacher to let go and let God inspire hope.
Components of the day: Prayer experiences, talks by various speakers (from the team), addressing the struggles of preaching in the Black Catholic camp meetings.


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